BVE Add-On

In Hmmsim, you can add Add-Ons from BVE Trainsim.
BVE Trainsim is a freeware train simulation game for PC developed by Mackoy in Japan.
You can find more details of BVE Trainsim in

To add Add-Ons in Hmmsim, you must have a converting process.
In this process, those ones will be converted : Textures that doesn't support mobile platforms,
Transparent textures to optimize in mobile platforms, Direct X object formats,
Also, to optimize in iOS platform, all folders and files will be converted to small letters in English.

Here are lists of Add-On lists that the developer recommends.
All these are acceptably suitable to Hmmsim, optimized for mobile platform.
Go to the links to download addons, and then play them in Hmmsim via converting.

Also, many other BVE Add-Ons are available throughout the world.

‌Converter Download

Download 0.7.3
Now, the latest version of converter is 0.7.3. If you are using the lower (earlier) version of it, please download the latest version.

If converter doesn't start, install C++ Redistributable Package and then start the converter again.
C++ Redistributable Package

‌Ranges of Converter compatibility

1. ‌Compatibility with BVE 2, 4
    ‌Basically, Hmmsim is compatible with BVE 2 and 4.
    ‌but, not with Add-Ons for ONLY BVE 5 and OpenBVE.

    ‌You can check lists of compatibles in Add-On commands and BVE versions in Add-On Compatibles page.

2. ‌Folder and File names
    ‌Converter can recognize English folder names and file names.
    ‌Folders and files not named in English among Add-On resources will be automatically converted in any English.

3. ‌Differences among devices
    ‌Add-Ons which require a lot of resources such as DP Call of Object, Fill-Rate of Texture, may not work well.
    ‌In cases, you will additionally need to optimize Add-Ons to fit well in mobile.

‌How to use Converter

(1) ‌Choose BVE Add-On Route file to convert.
(2) ‌Choose where the converted route/file is saved.
(3) ‌Designate the max size of texture.

     ‌If the size exceeds, then it will be automatically converted.
(4) ‌Reduces all textures.

     ‌If 1, it maintains the original size, if 2, the size will be reduced to half of original.
(5) ‌Designate the min size of texture when reduced.

‌At first, choose Route file of BVE Add-On to convert.
‌Basically, Route files are located in Railway/Route/ Folder, based on BVE structure.

‌You can select multiple Route files, it Add-On has multiple routes.

‌And then, choose the location to save the converted file.

‌Also, Choose the name of ZIP file and set the location to save it.

‌Now, click "Convert" button to do the converting.
‌While working, the convert button will be deactivated.

‌If "Converting Finished" is shown in Log display, then, the converting is done.
‌Also, the Convert button returns to activate.

‌Should the frame in Hmmsim is low after Add-On activated, then, set Texture reduce gauge and retry.

‌How to apply Add-On - iOS

‌At first, connect your iOS device to PC, and run iTunes.
‌Go to the connected device page and click App menu.

‌Click Hmmsim icon in File sharing.

‌In Hmmsim document, add converted Add-On Zip files.
‌You can use add button or drag&drop.

‌By pressing Delete key, you can delete added Add-Ons.

‌How to apply Add-On - Android

‌At first, connect android device to PC
‌If connected, access "Internal Storage".

‌"In Internal storage" means "/mnt/sdcard/" directory.
‌Most of brand-new android devices will have "/mnt/sdcard/" in-internal-storage directory.

‌Make a new folder in the storage and name it "Hmmsim".

‌In "Hmmsim" folder, save converted Add-On Zip file.
‌Now, clear the connection to PC and run "Hmmsim" to check.

‌Basically, Hmmsim is compatible with BVE 2 and 4. ‌but, not with Add-Ons for ONLY BVE 5 and OpenBVE.
‌Check the detailed compatibility list for each BVE version and for each Add-On command.


‌The Add-On for Hmmsim has been designed with a completely new structure with added functionality.
‌In the future, we will be able to add or edit new features after converting BVE Add-On to Hmmsim Add-On.